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CSR- Cyclone Gaja Relief

We at CREDAI Coimbatore had arranged relief materials for the delta region affected by Gaja cyclone. The contents of the relief consisted of food and basic toiletries.  The consignment contained a total of 250 kits. The materials were targeted towards this village which has 480+ families in and around Maangudi village. Credai Coimbatore’s contribution in the first consignment was for 250 families.The relief kits delivered were worth Rs.1 lakh. This was just a part of our relief fund, we are in a process to do and send even more. Materials had reached Maangudi village and the distribution works were completed. Food Bank India arranged volunteers to ensure that the kits reached the deserving.

The contents of the Relief kit was as follows:

1. Rice- 3 kg

2. Toor dal- 1 kg

3. Sugar- 1/2 kg

4. Salt- 1 kg

5. Rava- 1 kg

6. Biscuit- 2 packets

7. Mosquito coil- 1 packet

8. Candle- 1 packet

9. Match box- 1 packet

10. Glucose- 1 packet

11. Oil- 1/2 litre

12. Sanitary napkins-1 packet

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